Our mission is to improve and simplify the employee experience at work.
Founded in 2016, Zoom.ai grew out of the need to minimize the distractions at work from operational tasks that limit our productivity.

The Zoom.ai mission is to give everyone in the company their own automated assistant so that they can focus on their higher-value job duties.

Our productivity solution can handle tasks such as meeting scheduling, meeting preparedness, introductions to people you want to meet, travel logistics, and more.

At Zoom.ai, we are building the operating system for your workday.

Values Matter
Roy Pereira
Chief Executive Officer
Andre de Souza
VP, Engineering
Traci Cheng
Operations and People Manager
Paul Vlahov
Head of Sales
Juliano Dellamea
Customer Support
Jesse Albiston
Head of Customer Success
Anita Chauhan
Head of Marketing
Winnie Chen
Content Marketing Manager
Jill Renwick
Senior Product Manager
Faisal Abid
Senior Engineer
Pouria Fewzee
Senior Data Scientist
Alexey Adamsky
Senior AI Scientist
Aseel Al Dallal
Junior Software Engineer
Yaseen Khaled
Account Executive
Matas Sriubiskis
Business Development Representative
Paul Ewasuik
Account Executive
We strive to create the great work environment
that we all want to spend our day in.
We always respect our fellow employees, customers and partners. Treat everyone like you want to be treated.
No one is superhuman. We all need each another to push the limits of what we
can accomplish.
We all understand that we have lives outside of work, but while at work, we play hard and work hard.
Zoom.ai is dedicated to continuously building a safe & comfortable space for all.
We are LGBTQ2+ inclusive workplace and our office at OneEleven is accessible.