5 Easy Ways CHROs Will Benefit From AI
Artificial Intelligence will be the next frontier in the workplace — and we're already seeing glimpses of its effects this year.
The enterprise has an opportunity to take time and proactively learn how AI and all its subsets can help grow their businesses. According to this study, 70% of HR managers are craving a more data-driven process, while 71% believe the recruitment process is in need of improvement. It seems natural that AI will be the way to get there. If time is taken now, CHRO's will be ready for the next wave of tech and be able to acquire, engage, and retain highly sought-after talent.
As a business case, the possibilities of AI seem to be endless. Seen as a "transformational" technology, companies are jumping aboard the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning bandwagon without truly understanding what it actually is. Attaching and peppering reports with the words AI and ML have become the practice du jour, and while potentially applicable, they do not make the product work better or more viable.

As is the case with many new technologies, this ambiguity has allowed for many unrealistic expectations to be set around the capacity and ability of AI and ML's applications within the business world — especially in HR.

According to an Accenture survey of 3,100 business and IT executives from 11 countries and 12 industries, 70 percent of corporate executives are looking to make significantly more investments in AI-related technologies than two years ago. Of that 70 percent, 55 percent said they are intent on using ML and AI in their business operations.

Human resources is the most human-centred department there is, and the mix of AI and HR may not seem immediately intuitive, but thanks to machine learning, we're able to create processes that are human-like. With all the advancements happening in the AI world, it's not hard to see that AI is the perfect tool to use when you're serious about attracting, engaging and retaining your prospective and current employees.

For example, AI can automate mundane administrative tasks to help you and your employees focus on what they are hired to do. And since AI is the promise of a human interface, you get to communicate in chat. So, how can you bring this new, innovative tool into your company, with success? Here are 5 ways that a CHRO can implement AI realistically.

If time is taken now, CHRO's will be ready for the next wave of tech and be able to acquire, engage, and retain highly sought-after talent.
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
Scheduling is a headache and a half. As we have fewer administrative assistants to help in our day-to-day lives, it becomes an exceedingly unproductive exercise not just for yourself but everyone on your team and in the organization.

With AI, you're able to find the easiest solution with no guess work at all. Companies such as ours, have mandates to help improve your employee's experience at work, and not only does help enterprise employees organize, schedule, and keep track of their day-to-day lives, but it also aids in increasing productivity and efficiency in the office.

This allows enterprise employees to focus on tasks that matter, increasing intelligent decision making, improving your employee's experience at work. Ours is just one example of how to use a smart AI solution to enhance and simplify an increasingly busy workplace.
AI has the ability to be integrated into your systems and help you screen candidates. But with so many applications coming through your inbox, how are you finding the time to even give them a look? Streamline your process and find the best fit without spending copious amounts of time on the mundane tasks.

We imagine tools that allow your candidates the opportunity to self-select and answer common candidate questions via an AI platform. This could help your team make smarter, more well-informed choices with the aid of artificial intelligence.
Once a potential candidate applies for a role within your company, do you communicate with them immediately? 50% of candidates do not receive any interaction or communication from the hiring manager once they've submitted an application. According to one study, "thirty-three percent [of candidates] assumed employers weren't interested if they didn't act quickly, and 32 percent formed negative opinions of an employer's decision-making abilities based on a slow hiring process."

Imagine a system that automates this simple way to connect with your future employee that goes beyond simple marketing automation. These messages could be as simple as a "thank you for applying" but also something much more complex that requires an AI system — one that is real time and responds genuinely and answers questions as they are asked.

And once hired, AI can help you by offering simple doc generation (similar to the system that employs) that will help produce an offer letter and send it to your new employee, with all the pertinent information attached. Guesswork, be gone!

From tech to people, an onboarding process can really set the stage for how you interact with your most important resource, be it employees or customers. AI has the potential to shake up the onboarding experience by equipping you with the tools necessary to introduce your new hires to the practices and processes of your company by answering simple questions and offering the resources in real time.
So you've got them, now what? The next generation demands more than just a job — they want to feel needed and you need to give them the tools that will help them succeed. Through giving them tech that matches their aptitude and level, you will meet them where they are and give them reasons to stay.

AI can help not only with overall retention but employee relations as well. Imagine an AI tool that allows your employees to have their questions answered — questions such as benefits, health insurance pay and even something as easy as "what's the wifi?" While there will always be a need for face-to-face conversation for more complex matters, HR can benefit from the implementation of an AI tool such as this, allowing them to give their attention and time to things that matter.

Contrary to common belief, AI is not a job killer. AI will help fill those gaps by helping you engage further and better with your prospective and current employees — all while helping increase your bottom line.

We at believe that AI and all its varied subsections, particularly ML, are the key to your company's future success. This is one of the grandest developments in tech of our time and as mentioned above, the impact has yet to be fully unleashed. The far-reaching impacts of AI on business and our global economy will only truly be seen in the coming years.

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