AI assistant inside Google Hangouts Chat
The modern enterprise expects a new level of productivity, collaboration and balance. But today's tools and apps don't mirror those needs, ultimately creating more busywork. Shouldn't there be a way to automate it all, within your existing tech stack? is a chat-based productivity solution inside of Google Hangouts Chat that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks including searching for files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more.
Built for Google Hangouts Chat's dynamic platform expands Google Hangouts Chat to become the singular interface for employees to off-load tasks and access all of their tech stack.

Once you've connected and Hangouts Chat, you can take your favourite Zoom features and use them directly from Hangouts Chat including:

- Book Gmail meetings via chat
- Generate templated documents
- Easily find documents housed in Google Drive
- Connect all your favourite G-Suite Apps in just a few simple clicks
- Look up company information or retrieve HR documents all without leaving your chat
- And more!
    Offload and automate your everyday tasks and get back to your higher value work by using — all within Google Hangout Chats.
    Your most productive year is just 3 clicks away Works the Way You Do
    Easy and secure. Get started on Google Hangouts Chat today.
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